Is Yours an Intelligent Strategy?

Whichever industry you are in, whatever market sector, it’s likely that you are extremely busy doing the things you do day to day to sell, buy, create, answer enquiries, handle enquiries you already have, produce reports, deal with suppliers, have meetings, hire and fire and all the other things you need to do to keep your business running and making money. It can often be quite overwhelming with too much to do and so little time.

Then there is online. Everyone knows that businesses get left behind if they don’t embrace and incorporate the internet into their business model. Having the right website is crucial – a website that conveys your brand, your offering and speaks to your market, including working on the right devices as so many people use mobile to browse the Internet these days. Once you have the right website, your potential customers and clients need to find you. How do they do this? How do you find them? Online marketing is a whole new world. Then there is Social Media. How does that fit in? What about blogs?

It can all be quite confusing with so many different things to consider. The thing is, very few have the time to spend understanding how this all works and what the right strategy is. If you sell shoes, your time is taken working on selling shoes the best way you can. If you are a designer, well your time is, no doubt, taken learning to be the best designer you can be for your clients.

That’s where an Intelligent Strategy comes in. With 20 years of industry experience, I work as a freelance Digital Strategy Manager with a knowledge in all areas of online business.  My value comes from working with you to understand your business needs and using this information to formulate a Digital Strategy plan to optimise your business in the online arena. I can work with service providers you already have in place, such as a web design/development company, Search Engine Optimisation experts and others, or if required, I can help you form strategic partnerships with new service providers.

My value is added by managing the entire effort for you from saving you money in selecting the right website solution to ensuring that you’re not paying too much to an SEO company who are doing very little to help you progress – and they exist! Essentially, I become the expert in your corner and I believe my cost pays for itself in return on investment.

So that leaves one question to ask yourself: Is Yours an Intelligent Strategy?