About Me

http , wwwI come from a BSc Computer Science background and am a certified Microsoft Solution Developer. I have worked for many years in traditional software houses building desktop and distributed software solutions for businesses, before the Internet was commonplace. Over the years I gained a great deal of experience in all areas of the project life-cycle of a system and worked in various teams working for many distinguished clients.

I have also owned and run a cafe in London’s Soho and a restaurant in Kings Cross amongst working in other industries. I believe this is where my strength comes from – many technical individuals understand the technology but not the commercial and social aspects of business and many entrepreneurs understand the commercial and sales driven aspects of business but have very little understanding of the technology and digital opportunities. I understand both and have a broad knowledge of all areas which positions me perfectly to consider and appraise the reality of a client’s business, at all times being able to apply the correct and suitable solution to the challenge.

My client service is unrivalled – when I get in a client’s corner, the client quickly realises that I’m on their side and an asset as I become like a member of the team and make decisions based on this level of loyalty. In all the years I’ve been working in this role, I do not recall a single occasion when a client has decided to stop working with me for reasons involving my ability or level of service.

If you would like to know how I might be able to help your business join the Digital Age, or perfect an existing effort, please use the contact details to the right or below, and either send me an email, submit a contact enquiry using the form or simply give me a call for a no obligation chat about where you are and where you want to be.